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    We understand that as much as we want our cables to be perfect, there will be instances where a lemon may slip through.  No worries, we want to make it painless for you to get a brand new replacement cable in no time.  

    Follow our 4 simple steps below to claim your Warranty:

    1. Contact us via customerservice@speedchargerzone.com with your claim and our team will respond within 48 hours.
    2. In your email, please include the following:
          • Type of product (or Model Number)
          • Where the cable was purchased from (i.e. Amazon or Speed Charger Zone website)
          • Your contact information:
            • Full name
            • Shipping Address
          • Attach a screenshot/photo of the cable purchased and briefly explain the reason for why the cable needs to be replaced
      3. Our customer service team will review your claim and provide you with a  tracking ID for your new replacement cable.
      4. Sit back and wait for your new cable to arrive!